Pocket T-shirt

So, I kept seeing a mum from my sons class at school pick up wearing a beautiful pink wool sweater with a floral pocket, and I wanted that sweater!  (yes, of course I asked her where she got it from with the intention of getting hold of one.. but she had got it from somewhere obscure a long time ago..always the way!).

But as Spring was on the way.. it lead me on to the idea of putting a floral pocket onto a t-shirt (OK OK..so t-shirts are cheaper to test on in case I mess it up 😉 The sweater can be an autumn project!).

Pinterest gave me some ideas (and I also used this tutorial to get me started.. Goodmorningloretta.com)

I first made the navy one with the instruction photo’s I took along the way..but I also had this plain sky blue T-shirt that needed some detail, so did the same to this one..which do you prefer?

Watch this space for 2 different designs…coming in the next couple of weeks (my sister and sister-in-law said they liked them, so as its their birthdays this month they are getting one each as a present!).

DIY Pocket T-Shirt Poppysews.com

So below is the plain stretch crew I started with…


First I used paper cut-outs to decide which size I wanted the pocket to be..and I re-drew it adding the fabric fold-over allowance:


Then (using the fabric fat quarter I found off e-bay especially for this purpose) I cut out my pocket, ironed the folds, and pinned the folds in place as shown:


Next I Sewed a seam along the top of the pocket…as the top of the pocket remains unattached to the t-shirt.

Note- I didn’t do a proper job of this…I should have folded the top edge twice to stop any fraying in the future, or at least zig-zag stitched the edge before folding..next time!


Next I put the t-shirt on, looked into a mirror, and pinned the pocket as shown above into a good position on the t-shirt …(use a safety pin for this bit!).

Then I took it off again, and finished pinning it securely on to the t-shirt…Then I sewed around the edges (all except the top edge)…



And ta-dah..my first pocket t-shirt!

DIY Pocket T-Shirt Poppysews.com

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